Hapoel Soccer 2020

Players, Parents, and Fans:

  1. Thank You – Thank you for this season. I enjoyed working with your children and watching them play soccer. I appreciated their willingness to play a better brand of soccer. Again, thank you.
  2. More – With Baltimore County’s Less-than-25-People Gatherings policy, this season, we will not have an All-Mensch Game nor an End-of-Season Banquet.
  3. Lost & Found – A Winter Hat (that is the head of a fox) and a bag of Garden Veggie Straws with a bag clip.
  4. Stating the Obvious – At the risk of stating the obvious, this season was very different than any season we’ve had in the past. We didn’t have set-teams, jerseys, a formal game schedule (including play-offs), standings, game statistics, an all-Mensch Game, nor an End-of-Season Banquet with food, drinks, trophies, and just sitting down and discussing the season. On many levels, I’m disappointed that this season was what it was. With this said, I’m just happy that we got to play soccer. G-d willing, we’ll be back to normal for next season. So, again, thank you for being understanding about our inability to have a normal season and thank you for the season.

Play Hard. Play Smart. And Be a Mensch.

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