Hapoel Soccer 2020 Introduction

Hapoel Soccer will be playing soccer this coming fall. Though, for obvious reasons, the upcoming Hapoel Soccer Season will be substantially altered. This includes:

  • Covid-19 Stipulations – Due to the Coronavirus:
    • Temperatures and Questions – Before each session, all players will have their temperature taken and will be asked standard Coronavirus prevention questions.
    • Players – All players at all times will need to wear a Hapoel-issued face mask. During sessions, in order to remove their facemask, players will need to be at least 6 feet from any other player.
    • Parents and Siblings – Besides coaches, only players will be allowed on the fields. Siblings are asked not to attend. Parents are welcome to stand apart from the field and, like the players, need to wear facemasks unless they are at least 6 feet from another person. So there are no surprises, it’s possible that we will ask parents not to attend.
  • Follow-Through – Creating Covid-19 Stipulations is easy. Following through with consequences when the stipulations are not fulfilled is more difficult. This season, we will have a yellow card/red card system for all players and families with relation to players, parents, and siblings following the season’s stipulations. A yellow is a warning. A red is an ejection for the remainder of the season. If you or your player do not believe that you can adhere to the stipulations listed above, please do not sign-up.
  • Fewer Players – This season, we will have fewer players on the field than previous seasons. We will do our best to include all players who sign-up but it is possible that not all players who sign-up will be registered to play. If you 100% need to know that your son or daughter will be playing soccer this coming fall, do not sign them up.
  • Pre-K and K – We will not have a league for pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten players. Depending on how the younger players (e.g. 1st graders, 2nd graders, etc.) manage the facemasks, we will decide if we will have a league for them.
  • Skill Work and Games -In previous seasons, we had 10-15 minutes of pre-game skill work. This season, we plan to extend this pre-game skill work.
  • Teams, Rosters, Jerseys – Due to the amorphous aspects of our season, we will not have set teams, rosters, or jerseys. Teams will be set weekly and players will wear pinnies.
  • Location – Historically, we have played at Summit Park Elementary School at 6920 Diana Road.  Due to construction at Summit Park Elementary, we may need to move locations.
  • Schedule – This is our upcoming tentative schedule. Our first session is currently scheduled for Sunday, August 30th.
  • Cost-Free – Due to the unknown aspects of the upcoming season, we will not be charging a fee.
  • Sign-up – If what was described above is still of interest to you and, more importantly, your child, please sign-up: https://hapoelsoccer.com/2020/08/11/hapoel-soccer-2020-sign-up/. Again, as spoken to above, it’s possible that we will not play a full-season. It’s possible that your son or daughter will be unable to play without removing their facemask and we will need to cut their season short. Though unlikely, it’s possible that circumstances simply will prevent us from playing at all. And this is the nature of our upcoming season. Please sign-up if you’re still interested.

Looking forward to the upcoming season,
Coach Matt

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