What I Want for 2006

What I Want for 2006

On December 28, 2006, Jeff Seidel, the Washington Jewish Week Sports Correspondent, wrote a wish list for 2006 that was published in the Washington Jewish Week. Number two on the list relates to Hapoel Soccer (below).

By Jeff Seidel
December 28, 2006

WJW Sports Correspondent

With 2006 coming up next week, it’s time to make an informal wish list for the new year. Touching on a variety of topics, the reading time for this should be about five minutes. So, here we go.

2. It would be nice to see more children’s leagues try and duplicate the spirit of the Hapoel programs. Yes, they keep scores and standings and pick Most Valuable Players and all of that, but they work extremely hard at making sure all children get recognized.

They give honors for being a mensch and things like that. The kids who play in those leagues don’t just win on the field. They benefit off the field. Too many children’s leagues today forget that fact, as parents all expect their little kids to be lining up for college scholarships from the age of 5. Life would be so easy if things were that simple. Let them play.

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