Rabbi Yissacher Dov Graubart z”zl

Rabbi Yissacher Dov Graubart z”zl

N. Sokolov’s Rabbi

Rabbi Yissacher Dov Graubart, the Bendiner Rav, was born in 1842, in Shrensk, where he studied at the local Yeshivah and from where he was called to serve as Rabbi of Plotzk. He married the daughter of a local Dayan, Rabbi Ascher. Among his pupils we know Rabbi Yona Zlotnik of Plotzk and Rabbi Yehuda Leib Zlotnik, who became a well known Rabbi in Canada and carried out a great deal of research in the sphere of Jewish Folklore. Best known among his pupils was Nachum Sokolov, later the President of the World Zionist Organization.

Exceptional wisdom and knowledge, simplicity and humility were the outstanding characteristics of Rabbi Graubart. Great love for and understanding of the average simple Jew motivated him in all his Halakhic decisions. He gave the Hovevei Zion unofficial support. One year before his death in 1912, he also participated in the Founding Conference of the Agudath Israel movement which took place in Kattovitz though it is unclear whether he would have maintained his connection to this organization due to Agudath Israel’s stance towards zionism. Rabbi Graubart passed away in 1913 at Bedzin. His son, Rabbi Yekutiel Graubart, succeeded him until his immigration to the U.S. where he served as a rabbi in Brooklyn, Chicago and Canada. A daughter of Rabbi Yissacher Dov Graubart, Rosa Jacobovitz, was well known in Poland after the first World War as a Yiddish poetess. One of her poems is dedicated to “My Father”.

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