KI Art

KI Art

What: Know Idea will be running an Art Program this coming winter: January 5 through March 1, 2008. The program will focus on teaching the artists the basics of drawing. This includes the ability to effectively look at and capture on paper the subject of a drawing. Throughout the program, the artists within KI Art will focus on drawing still lifes, landscapes, and portraits. The primary skills and techniques that will be taught include understanding and implementing symbolic vs. real images, negative space, perspective, proportion, light and shading, and more. The program will consist of eight studio sessions as well as, at the end-of-the program, a KI Art Show including food, refreshments, and a brief presentation to recognize the artists within the program.

Who: This KI Art program is intended for all artists between sixth grade and senior year in high school. Whether you are inexperienced (e.g. a complete beginner), an intermediate level artists, or a more advanced artist, you will benefit from the art lessons and the studio time. Classes will be separated by age and gender.

When: All program sessions will take place on Sundays starting on January 6th and ending on February 24th. The KI Art Show is scheduled for March 2nd. Depending on the gender and age of the participating artist as well as the number of sign-ups, the art sessions will be in the morning or early afternoon. Sign-ups are due by December 2nd.

Where: All KI Art sessions will be located at the JCC of Greater Washington (6125 Montrose Road in Rockville map). This facility allows for a quality indoor space to use as a studio as well as comfortable outdoor space to do landscape drawings and other outdoor sessions.

Instructor: All classes will be taught by Mr. Matt Bernstein. Mr. Bernstein has been a teacher and coach at numerous secondary schools including The Dalton School (Manhattan, NY), The Landon School (MD), The Yeshiva of Greater Washington (DC) and numerous other schools. As an under-graduate, Mr. Bernstein studied painting and drawing at Skidmore College: a liberal arts college in Saratoga Springs, NY. Upon entering Skidmore College, Mr. Bernstein’s artistic talents were rudimentary at best. At Skidmore, Mr. Bernstein developed into a proficient artist (some examples of Matt Bernstein’s paintings and drawings), but, more importantly, he learned an enormous amount about how to become an artist. Mr. Bernstein and his teaching techniques have been extremely effective in helping artists develop the skills to grow from rudimentary artists to proficient artists and more.

Cost: The KI Art program will cost $107 and includes all program expenses including studio space, numerous grades of pencils, erasers, drawing paper, a drawing board and all other materials necessary to take part in the drawing sessions. The cost of the KI Art Show is also included within the $107 payment. (Each artist within the same family costs $10 less. e.g. John Johnson costs $107. Jim Johnson costs $97. etc.)

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